06 September 2008

The Wheel is being rebuilt!

I finally found a hub nut. In the end, I just bought a spoke for $8.00 and it came with the hub nut. The guy ended up giving me a spare shimano wrench. Turns out I will need to do a bit of research on building these wheels because apparently it's not the standard process. In the mean time, I said *fuck it* and decided to just take the wheel in and have it rebuilt. I just don't see myself having the time to do it today. It will take the shop about an hour, but it would probably take me double that or longer with only about an 80% chance that I'd get everything right. At least now I'm going to be able to ride tomorrow! So, I was driving away from the bike shop when I passed a guy on a tall bike. Here's what I ended up doing with the picture.