09 September 2008

Give ___ A Chance

I'm sure everyone can fill in the blank on the title to this post and I bet most people would say "Peace". Certainly there are other possibilities, but the Lenin-Ono media campaign around "Give Peace A Chance" was a powerful enough cultural engine that the saying isn't foreign even if it wasn't your first choice.

It's not often that something happens when I'm riding my road bike that is new or novel or catches my attention except for the sight of the ocean as I commute down coast highway to and from work. So it came as a great surprise to me to see someone who didn't get appropriately aculturated. I have some choice words to describe my feelings toward this person, and lets say that the most appropriate term for how they come out of my mind is that they "spew". But, to hear them, you'll have to ask me personally. Anyway, this fellow in a small, low-end pick up truck passes me rather closely without any need to not give me some space. It was OK, but it made me look at the guy's truck window which had a several stickers. One said "NoBama" and another--the offensive one--said "Give War A Chance".

It's difficult to me to believe that someone could actually think that.