13 September 2008

2008-09-13 Daley Ranch Ride.

Daley Ranch was covered with a low misty cloud. It was cool and perfect riding weather for the four of us (Jake, Brian, Chris and myself) to be riding in Escondido.

Jake had scheduled this ride for a 7:30 trail head departure. We had to wait a little while for Chris and Brian, but then they were joining us from San Diego, so they had a bit more of a commute. I didn't look at the time when we departed on what ended up being a 4:05 ride, but I don't think we were too late.

The other three guys had only ridden out there a few times, so I was able to show them a lot of cool runs that they had never been on, and I even took the single track that I recently heard about, making the trip novel to me as well.

We climbed up to the top of Stanley Peak and we rode, in actuality, almost the entire park from South to North and East to West. There were only a few missed trails.
Chris ended up having some mechanical issues, namely, he blew out his rear derreilleur and we needed to break his chain and set him up with a single speed for the last big climb from Bobcat up Cougar Ridge and then the rest of the way back to the car. He did great, actually improving his technique and riding abilities.
We went to lunch at Jimbo's in Escondido, spreading out hard earned money around town. Chris and Brian and I then went to Performance Bikes in Oceanside to pick up the parts that Chris needs to fix his bike. A bunch of money later, Chris was set with his replacements and parts and tools. I'm glad he sees the benefit of carrying tools now so that he can fix his own bike.
It's is really nice to ride with a group of guys who are fit and fun and love to bike.