06 October 2008

Hurricane to Moab through Zion

For some unknown reason, I had a hard time getting myself together to leave this morning. Between this and that, it wasn't until just before 11 when I finally got out the door.
I decided to take the advice that John and Steve gave me, and drive through Zion and then up the 89 to the 70 instead of driving the non-stop, cruise controlled I-15 to the 70. It was definately more beautiful in spots than I would have seen on the 15, but I feel the weight of the added driving time on me now.

Along the way I saw a sign for a rest stop and a hiking/atv "trail" (Paiute Side Loop), and I was feeling like I needed to get some exercise, so I got my bike together and set off up the dirt road. I expected it to switch to something a little more interesting, but it never did. It was just a big dirt road for ATVs. The only excitement was climbing up and up and up for 40 minutes before I turned around and headed for the car. It makes me realize that I'm not much of a downhill rider, because I was never shy about handling the breaks.

There was a bunch of snow at higher elevations which was cool to look at. I can only think that winter is going to come hard this year around here.

It was a good feeling to see signs for Moab and know I was getting closer. I easily found the hotel and checked in. Of course, even though I reconfirmed, they didn't have an upstairs kitchen unit. So, I'll move tomorrow.