08 October 2008

Amasa Back

I was excited about riding Amasa Back. The drive there was beautiful, driving along the edge of the Colorado River. When I got to the parking lot, I took my time getting ready, but for some reason I forgot to put on my padded shorts.

It started out the wrong way...
From MtB

I should have walked, but I was feeling cocky, and it didn't look like it was undoable. But I was really not feeling in top form even from the start. The first fall didn't slow me down. On the second fall though, I slammed my thigh into a rock and there was a lot of pain in my quadraceps, But I could move and I could pedal, so I continued on anyway with the belief that I just needed to work out the muscle.

But, the pain never went away regardless of how hard I tried to ride. I did make it to the top of Cliff Hanger, where I struck up a conversation with some guys who were 'wheeling'. The view over the canyons around us was pretty incredible.

The ride back down was slow with lots of walking.

I returned to the hotel and iced my leg which made it feel much better. After some stretching, everything was moving better.